Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie: Public Enemies

  • Awesome actors,Johnny Depp, and Christian Bale!!
  • Based on a true story of John Dillinger, the famous bank robber in the 30's in United States.
  • Oooo did I mentioned, Depp was sooooooooooo good looking and superrrrrrrr sizzling hot!! He looked like he was 35!! with the guns and that hat!! OMG, he is such a Bad Boy!!!! (oh yeah, i luv bad boy!!!) and..and..ada a few scenes yang memang sexy abis, dan buatkan aku terlupa kat Cawan yang duk kat sebelah time tengok movie tuh!!!!
  • I love u Johnny Depp!!!!!!!

P/s: I love him in Chocolat tooo...emmmm I'm melting..


biqque said...

i luv u too johnyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

(bad boys MEMANG sexy kan?)

BlueEwoke said...

MEMANG SEXY...slurppppppppppp..MEOWWWWW!!!!

3plepl8 said... ke sexa?

BlueEwoke said...

eleh jeles le tuuuu... :p