Friday, February 27, 2009


Travel IS my true addiction. I'm in a constant state of getting over my last trip, or planning my next trip (Cawan pun kadang2 macam tak sangup dah nk dengar bile aku dh start bincang pasal nk pegi travel tempat lain, time2 kitorg dlm mode "travelling" lagi)

I found this in one of the website, when searching for word TRAVELHOLIC

You are TRAVELHOLIC when you :
  • Plan your next trip before you finish your current trip. (hey this is sooooooo true, setiap kali jumpe geng, mesti akan ckp plan utk travel ke tempat2 baru, in and out of the country..walaupun trip yg akan dtg belum pegi lagi..)
  • Know the secrets to get a hotel at good rate (oh yes, i love doing research on getting the best rate and i know just when to do it, i even know when is the best season to go to the eh?? !!)
  • Have photo album of your trip s and this is the only album you have (album digital ade still considered as album rite?? but i'll put the blame on Cawan, sb dia slalu ckp nk print gambar kitorg pegi travel, tp tak penah2 pun nk print!! Bebeh, if something happen to our pics collection, siap la u, bawak i pegi balik semua tempat2 tu..i dont care!!)
  • You already decided what to eat, to see on your next trips. (emm about what to eat, i'm not too sure, but I know exactly what to SEE on my next trips, 110%)
  • Your favourite TV Programms are Food and Travel. (my fav channel is 707 - Discovery Travel & Living, fav show - Globe Trekker, 1001 Places to See before U Die, to name a few la kan)
  • When you watch a movie, you are curious of its location instead of its story. (when I was watching Mamma Mia, i was sooo fascinated bile tgk location dlm movie tu, and terus aku teka tempat tu Greece, pas tu bile aku google, haa memang betul pun Greece..lagi satu time tgk citer Transporter 1, yg scene mula2 tu, cam kat rivera la kan, terus aku ckp, ni mesti Southern France ni, Nice ke, Cannes ke..skali tgk memang betul..wallah!!!! happy gile bile tekaan aku betul)
  • You'll earn $$$ and save it for travel align (every month, aku memang allocate certain amount of my pay check utk travelling expenses, i called it "Travel Fund")
  • You can say "please", "How are you" and "where is the toilet" in few languanges (ok ni bleh belajar ye..but I know a few words la..but dont worry, I can always buy the buku panduan rite??)
Soooo, am I Travelholic? I think I am !!

And these are the travel plan for 2009/2010, in and out of Malaysia..

  • March 09 - Gold Coast, Australia
  • April 09 - Sabah, Malaysia
  • June - July 09 - Perhentian Island, Terengganu
  • November/December 09 - Krabi, Thailand

Our 2010 suggested travel destinations are;

  • Beijing/Hong Kong/Taiwan
  • Sipadan/Mabul/Mataking Island in Sabah (Sabah again? YES!!!! but this time, maybe pegi diving, nak amik cert PADI kat sini terus..amacam??)


  • Europe (UK, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland) if masa dan rezeki mengizinkan..Insya Allah..time ni wajib dah ade DSLR..kalo ade anak time ni mcm mane nk berjalan?? eemm senang jek..tingalkan aje diorg kat umah ngn maid/mak aku/my in laws..heheh ok pe..


Lily Riani said...

i totally dig on the description for travelholic, am just started a blog on travelling after much encouragement from my cousins, sis & friends, and while googling for ideasm i found ur site. ni pun belum baca all the link dah sure confirm suka ur site (drama gilos).

every bullet point you state is sooooooo true. you missed one important bullet though. ***travelling is my full time job, working in office is my part time*** hahahha...... reason being, dlm office pun leh pasang angan2 wherelse i can go next.

the H1N1 is definately travelholic enemy at this point of time. have to work in office full time nih.

do share and update more.